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10 Things That Happen When You Get Back From Travelling

Golden sunset over the moutains of Laos

Everyone goes through different experiences and transformations throughout their lives, but travelling has the ability to fast track some of those changes, and that means that when you get back from travelling there can be a hell of a lot of adjusting to be done. There are a million posts and lists about what coming home is like, so here’s my addition to the blogosphere on the matter.

What Happens when you get back from travelling?

There’s certainly more than just these observations, but a Top Ten run down seems like a nice start! Maybe there’s scope for a sequel to bump up to 20 at a later date… Anyhow, these are the ones that really stood out for me as I came through arrivals and back into ordinary life after a 6 month round the word trip.

10. You feel like you’re annoying everyone with the constant Gap Yah stories over and over, talking about people they’ve never met and places you can’t remember the names of. It becomes a bit of a complex, you have a really hilarious and relevant story but don’t want to bang on about New Zealand again. 

giphy (8)

9. Equally, you do you get asked the same questions a lot. You perfect your speech after a while! If you didn’t before, you know exactly where your favourite place was, the best thing you did, the worst, the lot.

8. You bring home some of those habits you became an expert in, like the ability to shower in under 2 minutes in cold water, and make breakfast without using a single piece of cutlery or crockery.

7. Anytime someone even mentions that they might go travelling you immediately perk up and want to know every detail about their plans and ideas, you know… Just in case. Sharing is caring!

6. When said person decides to actually do it, you become their walking Lonely Planet guide and feel so needed. You swap itineraries, and make travel tips customised for the places they’re headed. It’s wonderful, and feels like you’re about to relive it all over again. And then you really miss it, right down to the rock solid dorm room mattresses you’re trying to convince them really aren’t THAT bad.


5. You realise how badly you treated your hair and skin while you were away and feel you should give it some kind of deep treatment to even begin allowing a recovery. How did I let this happen? Oh yeah, not showering for a week and sweating 24/7. That was it.


4. You realise that some of the things you bought out there are absolute crap. Sorry, elephant dress from Bangkok, I’m never going to wear you again but it was fun while it lasted. Coming to a Charity Shop near you!

3. You are reunited with things you’d forgotten even existed. Hello wardrobe, my old friend. What treats do you have for me to wear? JEANS?? HELLS YEAH. Funnily enough my beloved laptop was feeling so neglected it didn’t even have a time, date or country on it when I turned it back on. We’re now very much reacquainted.

2. You’re completely out of touch with pretty much everything. That friend you thought lived in London? Just moved. That trend that you thought was really popular? Everyone hates it. That TV show you haven’t caught up on? The new seasons finished (No spoilers plz).

1. You’re completely overwhelmed at just how lucky you are. You see your home town in a whole new light, and hope you can keep some of the newfound attitudes that made you feel so wholesome and relaxed. For me that means remembering to be patient, tolerant, and forgiving. I needed all of these many times while travelling, and you learn to be your best self in some of the worst situations (see: various illness and disasters). I came to really like me while I was away, and I hope more than anything I can remind myself of that Suzy when I need a push in the right direction at home.


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