Welcome to Suzy Stories

So here we are, the first day of the big trip has arrived and I think it’s fair to say that I’m getting more than a little nervous. But also so incredibly excited to finally see and do all these amazing things I’ve wanted to do for so long! Which leads me to say…

Welcome to Suzy Stories! Where to start… After much time spent agonising over what to call my little ramblings I settled on Suzy Stories, I wanted to explain quickly what it was I’ll be doing in the next few months but to be quite honest I’m not too sure, so stories seemed to fit best (and who doesn’t love some alliteration?!). Other great ideas included ‘Suzy Sashays’, ‘Suzy Sightsees’, ‘Suzy Struts’ and when things got really desperate ‘Suzy Sees Something’.

Now here’s the interesting bit: I’m off exploring and creating stories around the world over the next few months. Stop one is Melbourne and I’m currently on a plane there now! How exciting! But also terrifying… I’ve left Europe only once before now and that was 12 years ago so I’m getting anxious at the thought of all that sitting for so long. The last time I travelled for that long was on a 24 hour coach journey, the difference there being you can get off occasionally, throw sweets at your friends and play inappropriate ‘consequences’ stories to fill the time. Sadly I do not have that luxury here, but what I do have is an incredible catalogue of movies and tv shows to watch (since when did flying become so high tech?). Any recommendations for inflight entertainment will be gladly received, I’m sure those who know me will understand just how indecisive I can be…

I guess that’s it for now folks, see you on the other side!

2016-01-04 12.27.51

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