Returning From A Gap Year – 3 Months Later

Three months down the line. 

The tan is faded, the bank account is in recovery mode and it’s all back to normal. What’s it been like settling back into Suzy’s Surrey life?

One Month In:

I returned to a temp job just three days after getting home, so adjusting wasn’t really an option! I was still living on the adrenaline and buzzing from the adventures, and I think the novelty of working life was actually quite fun. Plus, I got back to summer here so that really helped! Everyone was asking how it was, so I had heaps to talk about and got to look through all the pictures and really get nostalgic almost immediately.

Two Months In:

The settling in stage began, I was finding it pretty tough as the realisation that I wasn’t jetting off any time soon sank in.

It’s not just the amazing places, the beautiful scenery, the people that I missed, but I just felt completely lost. Emotionally that is, it’s hard to get lost in your own home town I hope! After much consideration, I came to realise that this is because I lacked any sort of direction or purpose. Before travelling everything I did was in the mindset that it was to help with travels. The job I had, the money I saved, the research in my spare time, all for the trip. I had some major decisions to make about what was happening next, and as the temp job was coming to an end cue huge panics about getting a proper job, wanting to move out and trying to keep afloat while having no idea what I should be doing!

Travelling was easy, every day it seems has a plan, a purpose, meaning. The daily grind was becoming weary, every day the same and it doesn’t take you anywhere it seems. At desperate times I absolutely thought maybe I’ll be back on a flight sooner than I thought… 

Three Months In:

The weather is cold, but there is light at the end of the tunnel when I finally, after what seemed like forever and the worst interviews to have occurred, was offered an internship in London. And a really cool one at that, working in Digital Marketing and Advertising. It’s madness to think this time 6 months ago I was in Australia! And comparatively three months into the trip was halfway, and I was leaving Fiji. These months at home have flown by, maybe the busy summer of events and catching up with everything has helped.

Now, it’s thinking about the next steps. Those major life choice thoughts still linger, but for now things are sort of settled. I enjoy my job, I’m staying put for at least a few more months, and my lovely Kiwi Kaz is going to be here in just over a week! I can’t wait to get my favourite person from my favourite country over here, show him around my country and do all the touristy things I never usually do!

Here’s a few highlights from the summer: 

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