About Suzy

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One Suzy, Several Stories. 

Hey guys! I’m Suzy and welcome to my stories!

I write a travel blog of anecdotes, tips, tried-and-tested activities, and the value of travel with meaning in my favourite places around the world.

My travel blogger life began at the start of my first extended trip to document the stories and experiences across the world. I started exploring a land Down Under, moving onto Middle Earth and returning to the UK via South East Asia. At the time, it was really a way to let family and friends know what I was up to without having to send out lots of messages. Plus I found writing a great way to pass the time on long journeys!

Now, back to the 9-5  that travel bug is still itching. I’m settling back into reality and getting to grips with normal life (while still dreaming of that next flight). Despite being off the road, I quickly realised that I loved writing. I gave myself the challenge to keep up the blog as a part time traveller, which resulted in Suzy Stories in its current form.

With a partner from Christchurch NZ, many of my travels take me back down to the Southern Hemisphere. I’m a completely shameless Kiwi-fanatic so I’m always on the lookout for new places to explore in New Zealand.

Then, having lived in Perth Australia, I’ve had the chance to see and do even more around my favourite corner of the world.

Travel to me encompasses all of my passions for stories, philosophy, culture, photography, and food (girl’s gotta eat!). These topics are all a big part of my life, so I’ll always try to give a slice of ponderous culture along the way.

That’s all for now, I hope you can find a story worth sharing within my dot on the internet. 


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