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Differences Between Living In Perth and London As Observed By A Brit Abroad

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As you may well be aware, I’m currently living in Perth, Australia! While being Down Under is not the most groundbreaking move for a Brit, I thought it might be fun to reflect on the first few months of being here with a little comparison between my current city in Western Australia, and my home in the UK. Here are all the differences between Perth and London that I’ve noticed since arriving!  Continue Reading

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Me At 25 – Reflections On The Year

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Today is my birthday. And as such, it’s got me all ponderous (more than usual) about life, achievements, failures, change, and more. To continue a now annual tradition after my Me at 23 and Me at 24 posts, it’s that time of year again when I’ll write a rather self-indulgent post all about the past 12 months of life as me. As I turn 26, here are the most notable moments, achievements, and challenges of me at 25. Continue Reading