An Alternative Way To Reach Kuang Si Falls

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Visiting Kuang Si Falls is a must-do activity when in the ancient capital of Laos, Luang Prabang. Around 30km from the city, it’s a short drive away and easily accessible by tuk tuk, organised tour group, or scooter. Here’s a slightly different route to take you off the beaten track to visit this stunning location!  Continue reading “An Alternative Way To Reach Kuang Si Falls”


Laos part 2: Vientiane to Don Det

Another day another bus (I’m really starting to hate buses), this time taking us to the capital of Vientiane. As we approach the capital city of Laos we stop off at yet another temple (another one in a cave this time), before rolling into the beautiful and utterly French-inspired city. We headed to COPE, a centre which houses some items and allows visitors to see a few short documentaries on the making of prosthetic limbs in Laos. The Vietnam War is something that had a huge impact on this defenceless and innocent country, and still today most of the east side of the borders are littered with thousands of undetonated bombs, often amongst the fields and farms. This has caused extreme pain and suffering in the many years since the war, as locals are frequently encountering the deadly items. The importance of raising awareness of this tragedy is vital to the continuing work that volunteers and staff from all over the world carry out in safely removing the bombs from the land. The Lao people suffered enough, and should not have to live in fear of losing their homes, families or lives due to a battle that they were quite literally the middleman in. This eye opening exhibition at COPE allows the visitor to appreciate the complexity in dealing with just a small part of this issue, that of helping those injured to recover and regain part of their normal lives. It’s most certainly worth a visit in Vientiane, as few other places will you really get a sense of the impact the bombs have had on Laos.

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Laos Part 1: Houay Xai – Vang Vieng

Green jungle surrounds the tall waterfalls

After yet another long stint on the bus we finally made it into the beautiful country of Laos. As this was Chao’s home country, we could see how eager and passionate he was to show us around and immerse us in his culture. On arrival into the Bokeo providence capital of Houay Xai we could already see a remarkable difference compared to the comparatively westernised Thailand. The people here seemed much more relaxed, living their daily lives rather than obsessing over how best to gain from unassuming tourists, the homes seemed more like actual homes, there was not a hostel in sight! Best of all was the beautiful landscape we were blessed to view. All around are lush green fields, the mighty Mekong River flowing in the distance and a sense that life here will be much calmer. Well, except for the life-or-death experience of driving a full tuk tuk of people and luggage over a narrow, rickety wooden bridge!

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