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Long Distance Communication for Long Distance Friendships, Couples, & Family

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Communication is the key to any solid relationship. When you’re separated from loved ones, it’s even harder to maintain. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder but in order to do that, long distance communication is crucial to get right. These tips will help you grow your relationship with friends, family, and partners while you’re far apart.

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Me At 25 – Reflections On The Year

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Today is my birthday. And as such, it’s got me all ponderous (more than usual) about life, achievements, failures, change, and more. To continue a now annual tradition after my Me at 23 and Me at 24 posts, it’s that time of year again when I’ll write a rather self-indulgent post all about the past 12 months of life as me. As I turn 26, here are the most notable moments, achievements, and challenges of me at 25. Continue Reading

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Me At 24 – Reflections On The Year


Last year I wrote a summary of the last year of my life in a little rhyming Me At 23 post. As yesterday was my birthday, I thought it only apt that I continue this now-tradition and see what has been learned, gained, lost, and loved in the last orbit around the sun. Here are 12 (my birth date!) rather self-indulgent things that have occurred since last year.  Continue Reading

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New Years Resolutions Inspired by Philosophy

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It’s that time of year again. Where we all think about our vices and misfortunes over the past 12 months, and look to a new year as a time to better ourselves. If you’re looking for ways you can work on some self-improvement, here are a few ideas inspired by philosophical thought that can be applied now and at any time of the year. After all, why should resolutions just be for January? Continue Reading

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Can Philosophy Change The Way You Think?

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When I began studying philosophy i was often told “it’ll change the way you think”. Stubborn and naive me thought “we’ll see about that!”. However now, on reflection, I can see that my pre-philo days were spent being an information eating machine. Enter Fact A and Produce Regurgitated Essay B. I was next to incapable of exploring my own mind, despite having so many thoughts and so much to say.

Now, I see how in every day activities and tasks I am facing a more balanced attitude. Continue Reading