Top Things To Do In Canterbury New Zealand

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On any trip finding the best activities to suit you can be a daunting task. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, art and culture, or indulgent treats, the region of Canterbury and its city of Christchurch have it all. Here are just a few of my favourite things to do in Christchurch and Canterbury! Continue reading “Top Things To Do In Canterbury New Zealand”


Catch Flights Not Feelings – Why Not Both?

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I’ve seen articles, posters, and all types of merchandise using “Catch Flights Not Feelings” as a motto to comment on the idea of motivating young people to explore the world and visit new places, instead of looking to develop an emotional connection to someone and committing to staying put in the pursuit of emotional stability from a relationship.

Sounds cool right? Rebellious almost, to defy conventional standards of searching for a partner and instead searching for an adventure. Continue reading “Catch Flights Not Feelings – Why Not Both?”

New Zealand Weekends: Part 3 – Christchurch

Although I was working remotely while in NZ, I was fortunate enough to take a couple of days off to make the most of the time there, and spend as much time with Kazimir as possible. Following a very relaxed night away in Hanmer Springs, we spent the rest of our long weekend closer to home, and enjoying more of what the city of Christchurch has to offer. Having spent a little time in the city last year, I knew of a few spots that I liked already, but the benefit of having my very own local tour guide meant I was lucky to get the inside knowledge on all the top recommendations.

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New Zealand Weekends: Part 2 – Hanmer Springs

For our second mini-break, we headed north and inland to the picturesque alpine town of Hanmer Springs. About a two hour drive from Christchurch, along the coastline and after stopping off to admire the mountainous views several times we reached our cabin room at a cosy holiday park. This efficient accommodation was perfect for our one night stay, with shared facilities but a lovely comfortable room with all you could need, but we weren’t in there for long as Hanmer Springs is truly a place to embrace the outdoors.

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Top Picks: Christchurch Food & Drinks

During my recent visit to NZ, I was working remotely from home which meant most free time throughout the week was spent chilling out, enjoying the sunshine, and staying close to home in order to get enough rest for an early start at work. However, Kazimir and I still had the pleasure of enjoying some delicious meals out and about Christchurch, and discover some unique bars to have a drink at. While there are loads of places to eat and drink out and about, here are some of my favourite spots around the city!

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New Zealand Weekends: Part 1 – Banks Peninsula


That’s right, I just couldn’t keep away from my favourite country. After the gruelling 28 hour flight I finally made it back to my beloved Christchurch, and was met by my favourite Kiwi, Kazimir.

A quick nap later and we wasted no time enjoying a drive around the Port Hills, overlooking the many bays around the coastline. There are plenty of amazing views and scenic lookouts around the hills, and it’s a popular spot for a walk around the tracks, taking varying amounts of time depending on your fitness and time restrictions. For the keen cyclists, it’s also a chance to really test your ability to tackle a steep incline!

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New Zealand Road Trip – Christchurch to Auckland

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So the next chapter of the travels begins, but now I am accompanied by a familiar (and beautiful) face. Emily has always been someone I know I can travel with, we interrailed together three years ago, and our personalities click so well, we know how to balance each other out. She is the ying to my yang. And of course we’re incredibly close, so this amount of intense time spent together might sound terrifying to some, but for us we never run out of things to talk, laugh, or moan about! We met in Christchurch airport where we went to pick up our hire car to take us up to Auckland over the next two weeks. When we were presented with the cute little Toyota Passo, we were slightly put off by the garish pink but in true Em and Suze form we made a joke of it, named her Penelope and were on our way.

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WWOOFing in New Zealand

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During an extended tour of New Zealand, I decided I wanted to spend some time WWOOFing. I chose to revisit Franz Josef after enjoying my time on the Kiwi Experience tour which took us along the West Coast of the South Island, and realised this tiny glacier town hadn’t seen the last of me. If you’re looking for where to WWOOF in New Zealand, check out what Franz Josef has to offer!  Continue reading “WWOOFing in New Zealand”

Kiwi Experience – South Island: Otago & Canterbury

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Moving away from the West Coast on the Kiwi Experience bus and towards left us in Wanaka, and then in Queenstown. There’s a lot of hype about this destination, many of the people have heard such great things so it was hard to avoid high expectations. I have to say, it was a great place, the views and lakes are amazing, but you can tell it’s a bit of a tourism hotspot for extreme sports, partying and generally enjoying youthfulness. Having said that, I did very much enjoy my time there and could definitely stay again! Continue reading “Kiwi Experience – South Island: Otago & Canterbury”

Kiwi Experience – South Island West Coast

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Thinking about taking the Kiwi Experience bus tour? Here’s all you need to know about the stops and itinerary of the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand from Abel Tasman to Wanaka.

It’s fair to say that the South Island is considerably more stunning than the north (sorry northerners!). It seems that the south is all about the outdoors, nature, and extreme sports while the north is more about history, culture and a more urban life. It’s all personal preference really, but I can see why it’s recommended to spend longer in the South Island.

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Kiwi Experience – North Island: Auckland to Wellington

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After getting up way earlier than necessary I waited at the bus stop for the big green bus to come and collect me outside the Kiwi Experience office in Auckland. I have to say, I was panicking a fair amount when 9am came and no one had joined me at the bus stop, and there was no bus… Eventually it turned up (on the other side of the road, oops) and I was last on to take my seat. Great start Suzy… After a briefing on how the tour works we were off.

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Auckland On A Budget

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Kia Ora from Auckland!

As the most expensive and busiest city of New Zealand, it can be easy to burn your budget in a few short days. Here you can find the best activities to cover 4 days in Auckland from wandering the city and cultural areas, plus a few unique activities along the way – all for under $30!

Arriving in Auckland

I was up early to catch the flight to Auckland, which all went incredibly smoothly except for the fact that the clumsiness in me decided to reappear and left me tripping over my own feet (and shredding my knee in the process) and slamming my finger in a lift door on my way to the airport. Nice one. So I decided once I’d found my bearings a bit to settle in the hostel in the centre of Auckland for the night to avoid any further damage. I suddenly realised why everyone was telling me to ‘keep safe’ before departing on a solo trip, people must know about my accident prone nature.

The Attic Backpackers hostel I stayed in was really lovely, I would have liked to stay a little longer and would really recommend it to those looking for a comfortable, affordable, and central place to stay. However, the experience was slightly dampened by the very loud snoring rumbling from the bunk below mine. Now, I don’t mind a little bit of heavy breathing and light noise now and then, but this was whale calling, open mouthed, guttural, wall shaking stuff. And when the offender wasn’t snoring, they were talking in their sleep. Oh well, not the hostels’ fault so onto a better nights sleep!

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