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What It’s Like Whale Watching In Kaikoura From A Helicopter

helicopter on top of mountains

Sometimes when plans change, they change in the most unexpected ways. During a trip to the South Island of New Zealand, exactly that happened. The result of bad weather across the country and limited time to travel long distances resulted in a trip to Kaikoura, 180km north of Christchurch. What awaited us as a spontaneous morning activity was a memory we’ll never forget. So, here’s the story of how a last-minute drive up the coast led us to the most epic whale watching in Kaikoura experience… In a helicopter. Continue Reading

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5 Great Cities To Visit In New Zealand That Aren’t Auckland

Views overlooking Lake Wanaka and mountains with blue skies and green fields

New Zealand is not usually the first country you think of when you think of big bustling cities. However, the cities that do call New Zealand their home are well worth a visit if you’re heading to Aotearoa. The cities in New Zealand that are dotted throughout the country are some of the most diverse places you could imagine – ranging in style, character, history, and climate. Continue Reading

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8 Beautiful Lakes In New Zealand You Need To Visit

Beautiful lakes in New Zealand - Travel must-do activities for amazing nature and incredible scenery.

New Zealand scenery is without a doubt some of the best in the world. While the mountains and jagged coastline often hog the limelight, the many gorgeous lakes all across both islands are the real stars of the show. If you’re planning a visit to New Zealand, be sure to include a stop to one of these incredible locations for a chance to see the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand!  Continue Reading

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New Zealand Travel Costs & Money Saving Tips

It’s one of the main things that often puts people off about travelling to New Zealand, and something I always get asked about. Yes, I’m talking the cost of travel in New Zealand. Here are a few money saving tips I’ve gathered from my trips over there, all with varying budgets, which have given me quite the insight into what the real New Zealand travel costs are!  Continue Reading