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Join a global community of travel and literary lovers to share your books around the world! Use #TravelBookShare to be a part of our initiative and start passing on your books to likeminded explorers.

Is Unlimited Annual Leave Too Good To Be True?

Have you ever heard of unlimited annual leave? Sound too good to be true? Here are the benefits and disadvantages to this growing approach to time off, and how you can make positive changes to feel confident in taking a holiday.

What Is Vacation Shaming And Where To Spot It

Has anyone ever questioned your decision to travel? Or remarked that you take too much time off? Here’s all you need to know about vacation shaming, and where to spot it.

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Making Dreams A Reality: Why You Should Book That Trip Right Now

Do you have a dream that you just never get around to planning? A Trip of a lifetime? A hobby to pick up? A career goal? Here are a few ways to make your dreams a reality with a little help from philosophy, motivation, and confronting the reasons why you’re putting it off.

New Years Resolution Ideas Inspired By Travel

Looking for new years resolution ideas to get you on the right path? Here are a few new years resolution ideas inspired by travel to help you get started.

Me At 24 – Reflections On The Year

After orbiting the Sun once more, I’m reflecting on all that has been in the past 365 days. From highs to lows, this is me at 24.

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Liebster Award | Versatile Blogger Award | Sunshine Blogger Award Nominations

I’ve been nominated for 3 community blogger awards! Learn a little more about me through this Q&A and see who I’m nominating for the Liebster, Versatile, and Sunshine Blogger awards!

New Years Resolutions Inspired by Philosophy

With a new year right around the corner, here are my resolutions for self-improvement inspired by philosophy.

Can Philosophy Change The Way You Think?

What do you know about philosophy? What can it teach you? Here’s why I think taking a look at the Big Questions in life can help you live yours.

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