Gift Ideas For Different Types Of Travel Lovers

Finding the perfect gift at Christmas is hard enough, so what do you get for someone who loves to travel? These travel related gifts will give you some ideas depending on the kind of traveller you’re buying for!

Top Things To Do In Canterbury New Zealand

From the cultural city of Christchurch to the quiet escapes of the mountains – Canterbury New Zealand is home to many wonderful activities to suit all travellers.

What To Do This Week In London – Perfume at Somerset House

Last chance to experience the Perfume multi-sensory exhibition at Somerset House – ending this weekend. Happy sniffing!

Welcome to Suzy Stories! I’m Suzy, a 25 year old Social Media Manager from London exploring the world one story at a time.

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All The Travellers You Meet On A Gap Year

Long term travelling means meeting all sorts of people. What are the stereotype personalities you’ve met backpacking?

Where Would You Return To From Your Travels?

We all get the travel blues, and that’s totally ok. Here I’m asking where would I return to if I had the chance, and see how this impacts the spots I miss most around the world.

Suzy’s Suitcase: What I Wish I’d Packed

The final part of Suzy’s Suitcase – what should I have packed for a 6 month trip? Take a look at the things I’m kicking myself for leaving behind.

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Top Picks: Best Christchurch Food & Drinks

My top picks for where to eat and drink around Christchurch New Zealand, find out the best restaurants and bars in this cultural city.

Suzy’s Suitcase: What Not To Take Travelling

We’ve all been there. Overpacking is incredibly frustrating when you’re tight for space and you just can’t reach the item at the bottom of your bag! See the travel packing mistakes I made so you don’t have to!

Suzy’s Suitcase: What To Take Travelling

Packing can be a nightmare, especially when you’re going away for months at a time, in different climates, and have a small cylinder to pack in! Here’s a run down of a few crucial items that I’m so glad joined me for the ride!

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