Top Things To Do In Canterbury New Zealand

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On any trip finding the best activities to suit you can be a daunting task. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, art and culture, or indulgent treats, the region of Canterbury and its city of Christchurch have it all. Here are just a few of my favourite things to do in Christchurch and Canterbury! Continue reading “Top Things To Do In Canterbury New Zealand”


Should You Revisit Countries You Miss?

We all get holiday blues on return from travelling, and having been home I’ve seen plenty of friends and colleagues visit the beautiful places I experienced. Besides the obvious envy over the wonderful time they’ve had I’ve been wondering what I would have done differently and what I wish I could see again in more detail. Of course, I wouldn’t change my trip for anything, it was perfect in its occasionally chaotic way! Even at the time I worried about missing out on particular hidden gems and experiences, but with limited time and on a backpacker budget choices always must be made about the priorities of your activities. So, where would I return to see and do more? How has this impacted what places I miss most? Here’s a quick run-down! Continue reading “Should You Revisit Countries You Miss?”

Top Picks: Christchurch Food & Drinks

During my recent visit to NZ, I was working remotely from home which meant most free time throughout the week was spent chilling out, enjoying the sunshine, and staying close to home in order to get enough rest for an early start at work. However, Kazimir and I still had the pleasure of enjoying some delicious meals out and about Christchurch, and discover some unique bars to have a drink at. While there are loads of places to eat and drink out and about, here are some of my favourite spots around the city!

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Suzy’s Suitcase Part 1: What To Take

When packing for a long trip, many of us agonise over what to fill our bags with. I had the added pressure when packing because I was about to become a backpacker, AKA trying to fit my life into a small vertical tube. Here are some of the things I should never have bothered with, and some of the things I couldn’t have done without. In part 1 of Suzy’s Suitcase, here’s just a few of the things I would recommend taking on a long trip. Continue reading “Suzy’s Suitcase Part 1: What To Take”

Top Picks: Podcasts

When I was travelling I got addicted to podcasts for a few reasons, but I’d already enjoyed listening to them on my way to and from work because they’re just about the right length of time to make a journey pass faster, and now I’m home I’ve continued that habit. Once I realised I could download them onto my phone while taking up minimum storage, and without using sooo much battery I ended up with plenty of hours to get hooked on long journeys. They’re extremely diverse and you can listen to almost anything to suit your mood, interests, and styles. Ultimately, there’s loads of reasons why I can try to convince you to listen to podcasts, but really, they speak for themselves more than anything. I’ve had tonnes of recommendations from people, and when asked for mine these are always my favourites ones to subscribe to, enjoy!

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