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Travel Habits & Attitudes

The world is a complicated place. A love for seeing the world has led me to compile a few travel thoughts and opinion pieces covering all sorts of topics. These deep thinking posts might inspire, spark debate, or simply give food for thought – there’s no right or wrong way to interpret my rambling travel thoughts on travel habits & attitudes!

You’ll find posts that dive into the problems with travel bloggers and the debates about travellers vs tourists, and who counts as a real traveller in a saturated industry. For those battling their love for travel with a 9-5 life, there’s the problem with vacation shaming and how unlimited annual leave might be too good to be true.

These posts comment on the lifestyle aspects of a travel lover, such as why it’s possible to catch flights and feelings. It’ll even give a lighthearted look into all the travellers you meet on a gap year, and the reverse culture-shock of returning home from long term travel.