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Beginner’s Guide To Taking A Career Break

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Do you dream about quitting your job to travel the world or to have the time to learn a new skill or pursue a lifelong passion? Kate, who runs Career Break Kate did and took the leap, quit the corporate world, booked a plane ticket to India and went off to explore the world for 9 months. Kate says that taking a career break was the best decision she ever made and she wants to inspire others to make the leap to take some time out.

If this is something you are considering, then here is Kate’s beginner’s guide to taking a career break. Continue Reading

All Posts Beginner Travel Guides

Beginner’s Guide To Making The Most Of Hotel Guest Supplies

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Checking into a good three-star to five-star hotels has a lot of advantages associated with it. Not only is the luxury most welcoming but also the quality of service is at its best. From providing well air-conditioned rooms to its awesome friendly staff, it is surely worth a stay at such a hotel. However, along with all the service provided, the rooms are equipped with numerous hotel guest supplies that visitors can use free of cost. Everyone loves free stuff! Particularly once it involves hotels. Knowing insider hotel secrets will truly add some genuine solace to your trip, most inexperienced travellers are unaware of this. To make the most of your hotel experience, get to know the advantages before you choose your hotel. Continue Reading