Suzy’s Suitcase: What Not To Take Travelling

We’ve all been there. Overpacking is incredibly frustrating when you’re tight for space and you just can’t reach the item at the bottom of your bag! See the travel packing mistakes I made so you don’t have to!

What I Learned From Travelling

With a long trip behind me, I reflect on all I’ve learned from travelling and my return to reality.

Suzy’s Suitcase: What To Take Travelling

Packing can be a nightmare, especially when you’re going away for months at a time, in different climates, and have a small cylinder to pack in! Here’s a run down of a few crucial items that I’m so glad joined me for the ride!

Top Tips for Solo Female Travellers

I was lucky enough to travel solo and as part of a double act, so here’s how they compare and my top tips for solo travel!

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