“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” 

Here you’ll find a collection of posts containing all the stories and anecdotes on what I get up to while travelling around the world and my home in London. Find tips and advice along the way with all the best spots to stop off and add to the bucket list of places to see!

New Zealand – Stunning landscape, wonderful people, great food and more make up this unforgettable country.

Australia – The backpacker haven with pristine beaches, sunshine, and the coolest cities around are make the care-free destination of Australia.

Europe – The most varied culture, history, and characters anywhere in the world. From the pageantry of London to the charm of Prague, everyone has a favourite European destination that has a special place in one’s heart.

Asia – Street food, temples, and beautiful landscapes. The beauty and warmth of Asia invites every visitor to come back again and again.