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Drinks Around The World – Inspire Your Travels Through Local Tipples

silent pool gin bottle

Have you ever wanted to do a specific activity when visiting a destination? What if that activity involves trying the drink which is made famous by being associated with that place? If you have then this list is perfect for you! And if you haven’t, then why not see which drinks around the world can tickle your travel taste buds?

Alcohol isn’t for everyone, but it’s a unique way to discover a local culture’s practices and historical tipples either through the alcoholic or soft varieties. Plus, identifying which drinks around the world I’d like to try helps me highlight places I want to visit, and which places I feel most drawn to based on my interest in their local beverage!

This is in no way advocating heavy drinking, and that’s why I’m also including a few non-alcoholic drinks around the world. Whether you’re an alcohol drinker or not, trying local drinks around the world is a fun way to sample the local products and learn a little more about a destination.

Let’s see which drinks around the world can inspire your travels!

brightly coloured brazilian cocktails

Alcoholic Drinks Around The World You Need To Try

I was recently inspired by the lovely Uncorked Librarian and her boozy bucket list, who shares her passion for all things vino in her wonderful blog, after she proposed the question of some great places to visit that include a famous drink.

The question sparked an idea in my head, one of considering all the places I’d like to visit and have visited in the past that involve and sampling that destination’s most famous (or infamous!) beverages.

These are just a few of my wine-bucket list items (excuse the pun!) that have already been ticked off:

  • Limoncello in Italy: an after-dinner shot after delicious pasta in Rome.
  • Wine tasting in New Zealand: Sipping the night away in a vineyard in Napier.
  • Baci ceremony whisky in Laos: Receiving no less than 6 small shots as part of a welcoming ceremony in a village.
  • Snakeblood whisky in Cambodia: As part of a homestay experience, trying only the smallest of sips!
  • Cider in Bristol: I loved my time living in the coolest UK city trying the many fruity varieties.
  • Beer in Germany: From business trips to holidays, I’ve tried my best to enjoy beer and I suppose the Germans make the best!
  • Vodka in Poland: Cheap as chips and dangerously drinkable, great memories enjoying the nation’s favourite in Krakow!
  • Sangria in Spain: Is there anything better than sangria and tapas on a warm Spanish evening?
  • Gin in London: My current home town has without a doubt the best gin ever. And so much of it.
  • Goon in Australia: Strangely fond memories of the boxed wine, in camper vans, boats, and hostels!

silent pool gin bottle

Drinks Around The World To Try

  • Guiness in Dublin
  • Tequila in Mexico
  • Sake in japan
  • Champagne in France
  • Heineken in Amsterdam
  • Sabra liquer in Israel
  • Rum in Jamaica
  • Amaretto in Italy
  • Absinthe in Switzerland
  • Whisky in Scotland
  • Cachaça in Brazil

…And more!

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T-Total Ideas: Non-Alcoholic Drinks Around The World

Of course, there are loads of beverages to try that have no alcohol %! Here are just a few of the favourites I’ve either tasted or plan to try!

  • Tea in England
  • L&P in New Zealand
  • Diner milkshakes in the USA
  • Coffee in Italy
  • Lassi in India
  • Thickshakes in Australia
  • Green tea in China
  • Mint tea in Morocco
  • Fresh blood orange juice in Spain
  • Kava in Fiji
  • Mexican cola in Mexico

tea pot and cup in coffee shop

Tips For Drinking Alcohol Abroad – Staying Safe & Having Fun

  • Do your research  beforehand, know the laws around drinking alcohol (some countries with a religious culture prohibit or discourage drinking). This also means understanding the laws about drinking in public, such as at beaches or in parks.


  • Take your waste with you. Don’t leave behind rubbish in any circumstances. Most drink receptacles can be recycled, so do it!


  • Try to find the most authentic drinks around the world. In some places there’ll be steep prices in souvenir stores, so try to ask for local tips on where to get the real deal.

mango smoothie in glass with straw


  • Everything in moderation. Don’t go overboard no matter how tasty it may be, so keep your wits about you and be sensible with what you’re consuming.


  • Make an experience of it if you can! Try a brewery tour, sampling menu, cellar door, and other activities to get stuck into why that drink has a special place in the destination’s culture.


  • Ask questions and educate yourself about its origins, age, process, historical relevance and more. It’s always great to come away having learned more about the drink you’re sampling!


  • Try to go with a friend. Not only is sharing caring and it’s even more fun to drink with a buddy, but it’s also important to keep safe by looking out for one another.

gin bottle and fairy lights

  • Have a designated driver. No matter what, either someone must stay dry or you should take a taxi or transport service to get safely back to your accommodation. Make a clear note of where you’re staying and be sure to keep your belongings nearby at all times. Drinking in any quantities can mean becoming careless, so remain diligent to ensure your experience remains a pleasant one.

I’d love to keep adding to the list, so share your favourite drinks around the world below!

Which alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks would you like to try from around the world? Share your favourite, or even one from your own home!

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    03/11/2019 at 4:43 pm

    OMG those cocktails look amazing! And I LOVE limoncello and New Zealand wine! It’s a nope from me on the Guinness though!

    • Reply
      03/11/2019 at 6:43 pm

      They were pretty darn tasty! Haha I’ve actually never tried Guinness… Not sure I’d like it either!

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    03/12/2019 at 1:39 pm

    This is a really interesting post – these two things (travel and drinks) don’t usually get combined, with people focusing on the food! Some of these drinks sound delicious – but it would have to be a no on the snake blood from me! x

    • Reply
      03/12/2019 at 9:03 pm

      That’s true, I’d never thought about it that way! Haha I was surprised I went for it too, never again though!

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