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Introducing: New Stories

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Having written almost exclusively about travel since this little blog’s humble beginnings, I’ve pondered broadening out into topics that are equally close to my heart. I’ve been intrigued by deep thought issues ranging from general introspection and mindfulness all the way to academic psychology and philosophy for quite some time, and since completing a BA in Philosophy my interests have only broadened. 

This is tough stuff. Some topics are more difficult to write and post about than others. Whether that’s due to an academic hurdle or an emotional one, I’m determined to persevere. I’m setting a personal goal to press publish even when it seems scary to do so, because why not? What’s the worst that can happen? 

I always prefer conversations that are thought-provoking and challenging. There is nothing more satisfying than stimulating the mind and pushing opinions. I hope this opens up more discussions, promotes thoughts, and inspires both writer and reader to consider new things.

With any luck, parts of this new avenue of writing will incorporate travel too, because travel is a wonderful way to explore physically and mentally through new thoughts on self-development, personal growth, world views, philosophy, and so much more.  

So, buckle up for posts about all things mindful coming soon!


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