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Liebster Award | Versatile Blogger Award | Sunshine Blogger Award Nominations

Blogger Award Nominations - Leibster, Sunshine Blogger, Versatile Blogger Awards

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be nominated for not one, not two, but three blogger awards! Learn more about me, Suzy from Suzy Stories, with a few Q&A facts shared by some great bloggers who’ve nominated me, and check out the awesome blogs who I’m nominating for these awards. 

I’m beyond grateful to Sarah from Our 21st Century Odyssey for nominating me for the Liebster Award, to (another) Sarah from A Northern Explorer for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award, and to Natalie from Back in America for the Sunshine Blogger Award! These ladies are wonderful travel writers who I’m honoured to be contemporaries of, thanks again ladies!

If you’re unfamiliar with the awards, here’s how it works. Hover over the award logos to see the rules!

The Liebster Award is a way to recognize smaller blogs that have a strong voice and unique perspective. Liebster is the German word for sweetest, kindest, dearest, and the award captures the essence of those words. Since this is an award given by bloggers, to bloggers, it’s a constant chain of “paying it forward” where we recognize one another’s work as a community. Applauding people’s good work, in my opinion, is one of the sweetest, kindest and dearest things we can do for one another!
Blogger Award Nominations - Leibster Award

- Thank the person that nominated you for this award.

- Link their blog to this post.

- Select UP TO 15 blogs/bloggers that you either regularly follow or discovered recently.

- Nominate them for this awesome Versatile Blogger Award with links to their sites.

- Write 7 things about yourself.

Blogger Award Nominations - Versatile Blogger Award

- Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

- Display the Sunshine blogger logo in your post or blog.

- List the rules in your blog post (like so).

- Answer the 11 questions that are provided to you by the blogger who nominated you.

- Nominate 11 other bloggers to keep things going.

- Provide your nominees with 11 questions (different from the ones you’ve answered).

Blogger Award Nominations - Sunshine Blogger Award

10 Facts About Me

As you can see, the awards rules and goals are pretty similar so I thought I’d be super duper organised by mashing them together in one post!

Part of the Leibster Award is to share a little more about yourself. Sarah shared 10 random facts so I’ll be doing the same! Here are a few tidbits of me I’d like to share:

  1. I just moved to London! After living back at home for 2 years I got sick of commuting and I’m finally in the big smog.
  2. I grew up in a little town outside London called Woking – famous for H. G. Wells, The Jam, and Matt from Busted.
  3. I have a BA in Philosophy.
  4. I can play 5 musical instruments – guess which ones!
  5. My first trip out of Europe was to Uganda.
  6. My first ever job was at a smoothie bar, and I loved it! I still know alllll the recipes for every smoothie occasion.
  7. I really can’t stand feet. They’re important and all, but completely gross.
  8. When I was little I wanted to be Indiana Jones. There’s still time, right?
  9. I am mildly obsessed with lemonade and finding the best stuff out there. L&P has the current top spot – contending suggestions welcome!
  10. My favourite colour is mustard yellow, it’s a little unconventional but that’s just why I like it!

Girl faces camera in a red coat with mountain and lake views of Queenstown New Zealand behind

Liebster Award Nominations Q&A

Sarah from 21st Century Odyssey gave me a few questions to answer, and here are my answers! Thanks Sarah!

  • If you could relive one trip you’ve been on, what would it be and why?
    • Vietnam! I’ve been dreaming about going back ever since I left. I didn’t do nearly as much as I’d like, and having been sick towards the end would like to revisit the places I was too delirious to enjoy.
  • What is the best meal you’ve had while traveling?
    • A Hangi in New Zealand! After a while of eating crappy cheap food cooked in a hostel, an authentic, deliciously hearty meal cooked in the traditional Maori way was PHENOMENAL.
  • What has been your biggest travel splurge, and was it worth it?
    • Sky diving in Franz Josef, NZ. And YES, totally worth every penny! I’ll never have a thrilling, beautiful experience quite like it.
  • If you could gift a trip of a lifetime to a loved one, who would it be, and where would you send them?
    • I would give my mum a trip to New York. We’ve talked about going ever since I was a young kid, and I know it would be her dream for us to go, at last, together.
  • What’s the number one activity you recommend to visitors in your hometown?
    • With little ol’ Woking as my hometown, there’s not much to do! I’d suggest exploring the Surrey countryside and head to the quaint villages nearby.
  • Where are you heading on your next trip, and why did you choose that destination?
    • I’m heading to Rhodes for a few days next month. I’m craving some travel (that itchy bug doesn’t stop, right?) so it can’t come soon enough!
  • What’s your favourite guilty pleasure TV show?
    • Anything about true crime or unsolved mysteries at the moment, why are they so fascinating?!
  • What can you simply not travel without?
    • My camera. I’m still learning things about photography so every trip is a chance to practice!
  • Have you ever had to go to a doctor or hospital while abroad? Tell me about it. 
    • In Vietnam I did! I got sick in Halong Bay while on a boat cruise, and a very kind local couple took me to the hospital, paid my medical bills, fed me, and even let me stay with them. All they asked is to pay on the favour to someone else in need… Such wonderful people!
  • What’s your best packing tip?
    • Buy bars of toiletries! Not only do bar shampoos, conditioners, and soaps save space and aren’t leaky, they’re also great for the environment!
  • Tell me the story behind your most recent Instagram pic.
    • The summer has faded in London and as the weather gets chillier I’m wishing I was back in New Zealand enjoying the spectacular mountain views and reflecting on all that is beautiful in the world.

(Read the full official rules for the Liebster Award here.)


Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination Q&A

Natalie also shared some questions to answer as part of the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thanks for your questions Natalie, here are my answers!

  • What’s the last movie you watched?
    • Probably something embarrassingly soppy that I’m too ashamed to admit publicly!
  • Is there anything you regret about your blog so far?
    • Not learning the basics sooner. I learned the hard way not to change permalinks just casually, and also had to update 40 posts for SEO once I knew what it meant!
  • Where is your dream holiday destination?
    • Anywhere with mountains, but also preferably nearish the beach. Hence how my logo came about!
  • If you could have one super power, what would it be?
    • Would I really be a travel blogger if I didn’t say teleportation?!
  • You win £60 million on the lottery.  What is the first thing you buy?
    • A home for everyone I love dearly to be secure for their futures. Then a flight around the world!
  • Where would you like your blog to be in 5 years time?
    • Oh, great question. I’d like it be a little bigger, a little better, and a little bolder.
  • Android or Apple?
    • Somehow I’ve ended up an Apple! It wouldn’t take much convincing to switch sides though.
  • What word or phrase do you use too much?
    • I say “super” a lot in an attempt to sound all prim and proper. In reality I just sound a bit accidentally sarcastic!
  • What is the one thing you can’t live without?
    • The internet. It’s how I discover new things, communicate with loved ones, and couldn’t blog without it!
  • Favourite poolside drink?
    • Love a good Pina Colada! Ohh to be by the pool right now….
  • Dogs or cats?
    • I tend to love anything furry but I have a soft spot for dogs. They’re SO happy!

A bright yellow sunset over the lake at Taupo

My Nominees

And now for my nominations! All these bloggers have a unique twist on the typical travel blog, and I appreciate and admire each of them. I’ve loved browsing these blogs and can’t wait to continue following them along their journeys. Go check them out!

Tasha’s Tales – Natasha writes a beautiful travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring more Muslims to explore the world through her experiences living in Azad Kashmir, England and Qatar, plus her adventures further afield.  Her series on the 3 Peak Challenge in the UK has got me ready to lace up the walking boots and pack up the car ASAP!

Krysti Jaims – This awesome blog explores a diverse mix of countries, cultures, travel experiences, and more. Hailing from my favourite country of New Zealand, this Kiwi can advise on group, solo, budget, and bucket list adventures! I’ve loved following Kyrsti’s travels and recommend you to have a look at why she suggests visiting Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Talk about paradise!

Tropics To Tundra – A frank and passionate blog written by the lovely Lauren, Tropics to Tundra is eloquent and reflective with a dash of humour to keep you reading stories from across Europe, Asia and Canada. This insightful post on why we should rethink the Western toilet is a must-read piece, go have a look!

Outglobing – Dianna is not only an awesome writer, she’s also one of the nicest people in the blogosphere. Check out her blog following her experiences of living in 6 countries (how cool?!) and more for a whole range of travel inspiration and information. In particular, her essential guides are your one-stop shop for all you need to know about these awesome destinations!

A Walk And A Lark – A fellow Brit, Josy is currently living in Canada, and has a passion for walking in beautiful locations around the world. Her time in Japan has got me itching to book flights, how amazing does climbing Mount Fuji sound?!

The Nerd with the Backpack – Dani is a software developer turned travel blogger based in Sydney, providing a mix of travel and blogging tips. I’m especially loving the posts of some beautiful places around Sydney, they’re all so detailed and excellently written!

Serial Jet Setter – I’m already a huge fan of this blog exploring travel with honesty and pensiveness – it’s important to say what you think! Check out the 5 commandments that all bloggers can be reminded of from time to time. It’s well worth remembering that blogging should be enjoyable, not a competition!

Go Roamin – Linda and Chuck are seasoned pro travellers, and their tips and insights certainly reflect that! Take a look at their post on the most important travel safety tips and look after yourself on your journey!

Faramagan – Seriously one of my all-time favourite blogs. This Scottish pair comprised of Darren and Lauren cover their couple travel adventures across the world, and provide handy tips along the way. Sprinkled with a few lifestyle posts too, what else could you want?! See their tips for leaving the daily grind behind in favour of exploring the globe!

Wanderlust, My Way – Monique writes a travel and lifestyle blog about her life as a solo traveller and nomad. Her photos are insanely gorgeous and it’s no wonder as she’s visited a wide number of incredible destinations around the world! Check out her recent trip to Montenegro for some gorgeous summertime inspiration.

Toques & Boots – This blog has some of the most gorgeous travel photographs I’ve ever seen. I adore the soft shades and silent landscapes they’ve captured so beautifully – it’s truly inspirational! Andrew and Vanessa are a Canadian couple showcasing their incredible skills around the world in remote, mountainous, and down-right stunning places. Even better, they’re Lord of the Rings fans like myself, check out this detailed guide to some of the movie’s film locations in New Zealand!

Blowing a kiss alongside a large LOVE sign

My Nominee Questions

Now I’ve completed my questions, here are mine for the above nominees to answer. I’ve shared 12 questions (my lucky number – a bonus fact for you!) as to bump up the numbers, there are 3 awards here after all!

  • What did you want to be when you were little?
  • If you could fly anywhere right now, where would you go?
  • Do you see yourself living abroad one day, if not already? Where do/would you live?
  • What are you most proud of from this year so far?
  • What would you like to achieve next?
  • How did you start blogging?
  • You can only bring one food item from your home on your trips. What is it?
  • What was the last photo you took? Tell me its story.
  • Who or what inspires you? Why?
  • What’s your favourite food you’ve tasted on your travels?
  • What was the last song or podcast you listened to?
  • How would you describe yourself in 3 words?


Thank you again to Sarah, Sarah, and Natalie for the nominations, I’m thrilled to be a part of the blogging community and urge my nominees to continue the appreciation and love spread through these awards, and hope all readers will discover more small blogs who need and deserve your readership. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, so these small recognitions from others is a small way to say thanks for all your hard work. It’s so important to help and support each other, and I hope by passing on the kindness more bloggers will do the same.

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  • Reply
    Sarah Puckett
    09/10/2018 at 8:22 am

    Loved getting to read your post and the answers to all the questions!! ?Your story about the family who helped you out in Vietnam is so touching!

    • Reply
      09/10/2018 at 6:17 pm

      Thank you Sarah! And thank you again for nominating me, it’s taken a while to post but I got there! They were sooo kind, I hope I can do the same for someone in need one day! Happy travels 🙂

  • Reply
    Sarah Puckett
    09/10/2018 at 8:28 am

    Loved getting to read your post and the answers to all the questions!! ?Your story about the family who helped you out in Vietnam is so touching!

  • Reply
    Josy A
    09/10/2018 at 3:37 pm

    Thank you lovely!

    I really enjoyed learning more about you! I can totally imagine super sounding enthusiastic or sarcastic, depending on the hearer’s mood. Oops!

    Also, my dream holidays always involve mountains too! We have good taste! 😉

    • Reply
      09/10/2018 at 6:15 pm

      Thank you! I knowww, I really must curb that habit. We do indeed! Got anything coming up?

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  • Reply
    Linda Style
    10/03/2018 at 5:30 pm

    Hi Suzy.
    First…thank you so much for nominating GoRoamin for these outstanding blogger awards! We’re excited and delighted to be included! We love your blog and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you. (we share the same guilty TV pleasure) Second…we’re heading out forthwith for a month-long European tour and will nominate some other fabulous bloggers as soon as we return. Thanks again…and happy travels!

    • Reply
      10/04/2018 at 8:40 pm

      You are most welcome! I’ve loved following your blog and you absolutely deserve a little reward 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful upcoming trip! I wish you safe and happy travels 🙂

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    01/12/2019 at 6:08 am

    Sweet website, super layout, rattling clean and employ pleasant.

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