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What To Do In Lindos When It Rains

Woman sits on balcony overlooking Lindos village and acropolis at sunset

Did you read that right? Does it actually rain in Greece?! It sure does. Albeit not that often, but it can. If you find yourself stuck in a downpour, here are a few ideas of what to do in Lindos when it rains.

We were those unlucky people who arrived for a beautiful trip to a Greek island, only to find half of our time to be spent in the rain. But, we still managed to make the most of it! During our visit to Rhodes we ended up in the charming coastal village of Lindos. It was here that we found the bulk of our days to be stormy and wet.

So what did we do? What is there to do in Lindos when it rains? Here are a few ideas to keep you having a great trip!

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Typical Weather In Lindos

First things first. You gotta check the weather forecast! There’s no point packing for sunshine all day every day only to find what you really need is an umbrella. Luckily, the weather in Lindos is typically dry and sunny for the tourist season between May – September. However, the later into the year it gets the higher the chances of rain and storms blowing in. We visited in late October and ended up visiting during a thunder storm. Fortunately, however, we had the foresight to check the weather in Lindos ahead of our visit and came prepared.

Winter in Lindos

Generally speaking, it’s unlikely you’ll be visiting Lindos in the winter months. In fact, this is when accommodation is limited in choice and some bars and restaurants close up while the locals take a break. Furthermore, airlines reduce their flights and there are only a handful of direct flights from the UK in January – March. If you do happen to visit Lindos in winter, you can expect lows dipping below 10°C and highs of the mid-teens. The benefits of a winter break in Lindos are also going to be how quiet it is… If you want to escape tourists this will be the time to go!

moon rises over lindos village at sunset

Spring & Autumn in Lindos

Spring and autumn weather in Lindos is an ideal time of year to visit if you prefer to avoid the hot tropical climates in summer. Prices will likely be a bit cheaper than the peak summer months which is always welcome. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of fewer tourists than normal so the crowds won’t be so overwhelming!

The downside of visiting out of season is of course the unpredictable weather. Rainfall in Lindos spikes significantly in October, and continues to rise until January when the averages start to decrease leading up to spring and summer.

We did our best to research a handful of things to do in Lindos when it rains, but there wasn’t much out there to help out. So, I decided to make my own list of activities to enjoy for when it rains in Lindos so you can still get the most out of your trip!

sun rises over lindos acropolis and village with cloudy sky

Fun Things To Do In Lindos When It Rains

The rain is here? Never fear! You can still have fun and enjoy your trip to Lindos, even in the rain. So if you’re like me and get bummed out by showers and storms ruining your plans, remember there are still plenty of activities to do!

Watch the thunderstorm

What do you do when there thunder and lightening above an ancient acropolis ruin? Make the most of the epic weather! There are few people out there who adore the rain, but it can be quite exciting all the same. If this isn’t your first thought of what do to when it rains in Lindos, you gotta change your attitude. Storms can be amazing, exhilarating, and beautiful!

We were super lucky to have a mostly-covered balcony with views overlooking the village and acropolis. This made for some pretty awesome moments as thunder roared and lightening struck in the near distance. It whiled away the time, was strangely gripping, and meant we still got to enjoy this beautiful scenery around us.

rainbow over lindos village and acropolis on rainy day

Other weather-appropriate activities could be dancing in the rain, jumping in puddles, swimming under the sea while it pours… And all with hardly another soul around. There are plenty of cool and unique experiences ready and waiting when the weather isn’t great. You just have you be willing to give them a try.

I appreciate getting soggy and watching for the lightening that may or may not appear isn’t for everyone. If you can muster the energy to enjoy the weather for what it is, I can guarantee that embracing it will put a smile on your face.

rainy street in lindos

Shopping in the market

If you’re not lazing about at the beach or discovering ancient archeological finds, what else might you be want to do during a trip to Lindos? When the weather’s rubbish, take the opportunity to pick up some souvenirs!

There are plenty of shops lining the maze of streets in Lindos. You can find clothing, jewellery, shoes, trinkets, pottery, much of which is made by the locals selling them. If you’re after collectibles, you can find fridge magnets, postcards, and the usual touristy souvenirs in many stores.

lindos village market shops in the rain

The best thing about the market is that it’s largely under cover. There might be the odd puddle here and there but it beats getting drenched! Shopping around is definitely a good use of your time to enjoy the best of Lindos when it rains.

Eating delicious Greek food

Take it as a sign from superior powers that when it rains in Lindos, this is your chance to feast. The weather can’t stop you from hitting all the local restaurants for a chance to savour some delicious Greek dishes!

The streets of Lindos have a new restaurant on every corner at least. Even if it rains for your entire trip you can easily spend a good number of hours trying gyros, moussaka, salads, olives, feta, baklava… And so much more! Now if eating your way through a holiday isn’t living your best life, I don’t know what is.

mixed olives in a bowl

While you might not be able to sit on the roof terrace, you’ll at least stay dry and warm in the cosy confines of a restaurant with a plate full of food. I can think of worse ways to sit out a rain shower!

Check out the nightlife

Chase down your dinner by heading to one of the bars in Lindos for a nightcap or two! There are several to choose from, including even the Lindos Ice Bar to really match the mood!

Our personal favourite, however, is the Crazy Moon cocktail bar. These guys are so welcoming and friendly, you instantly feel a part of the family! When we told them it was a special someone’s birthday on our trip, they even celebrated with a free class of champagne. Such kind, unexpected gestures sure go a long way to make a place memorable!

empty wine glass with white orchid behind

With a couple of cocktails down you, you’ll soon forget about the dreary skies outside. Now’s your chance to dance, laugh, and generally let your hair down! After all, you’re on holiday so down let the rain in Lindos get you down!

Read up and learn about Lindos

There are few things cosier than curling up having a read while listening to raindrops outside. Whether you’ve just arrived in Lindos or are nearing the end, a day hiding from the rain is a perfect opportunity to read up about the village’s history and culture. You can learn all about the importance the village has within Greek history and the multiple rulers the island of Rhodes fell under over time.

I always find learning about a destination’s story is an important part of visiting for the first time. Places as ancient as Greece especially deserve our attention to understand and appreciate the complexities of its past. Not only will it provide a newfound outlook and admiration for the places you visit, but it will also provide context for the people, their ancestors, and the destination for how they are today.

woman reads guidebook on greece holding pen

The various ancient archeological sites such as the acropolis of Lindos is a great example of just that. Without reading up about its history I wouldn’t have noticed half the details and remarkable aspects as we did!

So, take the time while you can to swot up about Lindos. When the rain clears, you’ll be excited to get out there and explore all the wonders you’ve studied.

Give yourself some R&R

If you don’t want to head out into the rain in Lindos, then now’s the perfect time to chill out to the max. One of the most important aspects of travel is taking time to yourself to reflect, relax, soak it all in (or get soaked in the rain!).

If you have to stay inside you might as well enjoy it, right? Have a lie in, treat yourself to breakfast in bed, catch up on some movies you’ve been missing – the possibilities are endless when you have a duvet day!

laptop with netflix on screen and chocolate resting on laptop with hand on keyboard

The best way to spend a rainy day in Lindos is to switch off. I truly believe that we all need a break from being online and our busy daily lives from time to time. What better way to do that then when you’re on a beautiful Greek island? Of course, that’s exactly what holidays are for. However, the added benefit of a rained-off day is that you’ll ACTUALLY get to switch off!

It’s so easy to tire yourself out when visiting new places. You want to see and do as much as possible, so you cram your day with sightseeing and attractions. But sometimes that can end up being more exhausting than the life you were trying to escape in the first place! Take some well-deserved quality time to yourself or with your travel partner. Have a conversation. Rest. Regain your strength for activities when the weather improves. You’ll be grateful for the extra energy when you do get out and about, as well as the chance to really kick back and take a time out.

Head to a spa to spoil your body and soul

Lugging your belongings around the steep and cobbled streets of Lindos is sure to have given you some backache. Treat yo’ self by taking a trip to one of the local spa hotels for their services. Or even better, indulge by staying at one of the beachside spa hotels! Who says you can only relax at the beach, right?!

This is taking the relaxation element of a holiday to the next level. Get yourself a massage and facial, or pop into the sauna and steam room. You’ll quickly feel the toxins getting released from your body, and memories of the pouring rain will feel like a distant memory when you’re this relaxed.

Enjoy every moment poster and rose

There are several spa hotels you can choose from in Lindos. Whether you want to work out at the gym, detox your body, or feel like a million bucks with a beauty treatment, there’s something for everyone. Browse the top spa hotels to see which offer the kind of treatment you’re after.

What other ideas do you have for fun things to do in Lindos when it rains? Or general rainy day activities that you’d suggest? Let me know below!


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    E H
    07/09/2020 at 10:00 am

    Hi, i have been holidaying in Lindos for 39yrs & have had 43 holidsys there. I must say you picked a bad year to visit if you had so much rain. I have stayed there manh times in April & first couple of weeks in November, along with May, June, July, August &September.
    I can honestly say i havr oy ever seen 2 full dsys of thundrrstorms & a handful of showers. So please peoe fon’t bd put off of visiting Lindos because of yhis story!

    • Reply
      07/10/2020 at 8:52 pm

      Oh wow you absolutely must be a Lindos expert! I think we must have been unlucky indeed, it was a fun trip and unique experience nonetheless. It’s probably spurred us on to visit again even more!

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