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Long Distance Date Ideas – Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship

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Finding creative things to do in a long distance relationship can be challenging. How can you keep the magic of a real-life date or activity alive when you’re all far apart? These long distance date ideas are here to get your creative juices flowing, and come up with a range of activity to enjoy together, apart.

After several years of long distance, Kaz and I haven’t really strayed too far from our daily video chats. Having said that, we recently started to embrace new ways to spend our digital time together. Many of us are facing challenges with long distance communication at the moment. Whether you’re separated from your partner, family, or friends – maintaining long distance communication has never been more important.

Coming up with things to do in a long distance relationship is a vital way to making sure a long distance relationship works. The novel activities you can enjoy build teamwork, mutual interests, and a stronger connection in all sorts of ways. I really believe that this time spent apart can be an opportunity for learning about one another. For me, the chance to grow our relationships in unique ways is one of the main benefits of long distance.

The following long distance date ideas are the perfect way to spice up your video chats. Not only are these great for couples, but they are a fun way to spend virtual time with your friends and family too.

Play a game

There are LOADS of fun games to play where both (or more if you like!) participants can interact. It might take some practice and trying our different options to find something everyone will enjoy, but that process is part of the fun.

  • Charades – A classic! It’s so easy to play Charades and you don’t even need any rules or props, it’s completely flexible. There are plenty of websites that generate words to act out. It gets you moving and having a bit of harmless silliness can be a good way to take your mind off your separation.
  • Pictionary – The written version of Charades is just as fun to play together. Use your phone or computer to draw words for each other to guess, Skribbl is a great online tool to use! You can also play a similar game – Quick Draw! on the Houseparty app.
  • Heads Up – This is a variation on Charades but it’s more like Articulate – where you describe the word or object. It’s another nice way to switch up your long distance dates.
  • Trivia quizzes – I do love a quiz, and there are sooo many online ones out there! You can either pick a particular topic or go for general knowledge to battle for the top spot. Kahoot! allows you to make your own quizzes too.
  • Online video games – PS4s and other devices allow games to be played together online. If one or both of you enjoy gaming and there’s the possibility to both join in, why not? Getting involved with each other’s interests is so important to keep up with each other when you’re far apart.

Watch a movie

The classic activity to enjoy together. If you can’t be cuddled up a sofa with a big bag of popcorn together then what’s the next best thing?

Netflix Party!

This tool is literally designed for situations where you want to watch a movie together but can’t be together. It essentially streams the same show or movie to multiple devices at the same time – genius!

If using Netflix Party isn’t your thing, use a video call tool that allows one of you to share your screen. Be sure that you’ve got a good WiFi connection though! Of course you could also do it the old fashioned way of hitting play at the same time… but that doesn’t quite have the same tech-y appeal.

Not only is this lowkey, chilled time to spend together but it also means no one feels guilty for binging a show without the other.

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Order a meal

There’s no better way to say I Love You than ordering someone their favourite takeaway. Food is truly the gateway to the heart for many of us.

If you’ve got their address and know they’re going to be in, find their favourite delivery food and send them dinner on you.

I’ve seen a really cute idea of each ordering the other a surprise meal and sharing over a video chat which sounds lovely. However, keep in mind that your dinner time might be their lunch, breakfast, or middle of the night!

Send a gift

An impromptu present is a lovely gesture. If they have an Amazon wish list try and order a surprise from there, or pop something in the post for them that they might appreciate. Then on your video call you can have a little unboxing session and share the joy together.

Gifts are not necessary to show someone you love them. But if a treat here and there is something you both value then this is a brilliant way to share the love and perk up their day and yours.

small cardboard gift box with bow

Do a workout

Ok, this might not be everyone’s idea of fun. And probably not your dream long distance date idea… But working out together is quality time spent away from the screen as well as good motivation to keep fit.

You could take turns planning an at-home workout that contributes to each of your goals. Stick on video chat somewhere you can see each other, play your best work out tunes, and do it together! You could even take it in turns and “spot” one another via video. Give them some words of encouragement and smash that goal!

A joint workout done over video chat or phone call doesn’t need to be super intense. You could both go for a walk at the same time instead if that suited you better. If you’d like to track your progress, create a shared Google sheet where you can jot down measurements on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. You can make a session of that too where you share your results and health goals.

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Virtually visit your favourite cultural spot

Nowadays there are lots of neat ways to see and experience culture without leaving your home. Try a virtual tour of the latest exhibitions at your favourite art gallery, like this Andy Warhol exhibition at the Tate Modern in London.

You could both start the tour and discuss the works along the way, or reconvene at the end for a full analysis of your thoughts.

This isn’t limited to art galleries, either. Plenty of opera, theatre, dance, and other performing art venues are offering to stream their shows for free or a donation. Make the most of it and watch that show you’ve been dying to get tickets to since forever!

large contemporary art gallery in london bridge

Cook together

You’d be surprised at how far video chat can go! Follow the same recipe and cook along at the same time. Then you can enjoy your home-cooked meal together.

For the foodies out there this is a particularly enjoyable long distance date idea. Cooking together is often an intimate bonding experience. There’s no reason for that to discontinue due to being apart!

Take it in turns to choose a recipe, try something new and push your culinary skills to the next level.

When you’re enjoying your meal, compare notes of flavour and texture to see if either of you could have done something differently. Then, when you’re back together give the recipe a go and put those skills to the test.

Browse the shops

Fancy a makeover? Scroll through your favourite clothing store’s website as you share your screen to pick out items and get each other’s opinion. You can then do a follow up date where you try on all your new looks when they arrive!

If clothes aren’t what you’re after, you could look through any marketplace website to browse home furnishing ideas, plants and garden accessories, or pretty much anything that you like shopping for.

Take a tutorial

If one or both of you are looking to expand your skills and learn a new talent, why not take the chance to do it together? There are lots of brilliant YouTube lessons out there for all sorts of hobbies.

You could learn to draw, or a try a musical instrument, or practice your handstands. The possibilities are endless and it’s a new activity to try together. You can then reflect on your progress and plan the next stages of your shared hobby.

Best video chat tools for long distance activities

All of these suggested long distance date ideas require one crucial tool: a way to video chat. These 4 are ones that I’ve tried and tested and value for different reasons. Try one or all of them to see what works best for you!

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger’s video call function is pretty high quality and generally very reliable. It can be used on mobile or desktop so it’s great for a mix of devices. The main drawback is that you have to be friends on Facebook first. Not a huge deal (you probably already are friends!) but not that helpful for folks who steer clear of social media. There are some fun filters, though!


WhatsApp’s video call function is tried and tested as being a reliable method of communication. It’s only drawback is that it’s only available on mobile. Ideal for when you’re on the go but a bit less convenient when you want a looong chat and holding your phone becomes uncomfortable.


This fun app and Google Chrome extension allows you to spontaneously hop on a video chat with your friends and network. Not only that, but they have an array of games built in so you can play Quick Draw!, Trivia, or Heads Up without the need for additional apps. Better still, anyone can join your existing call if you don’t “lock the room” so it’s great for when you want to get a group together at the same time.

phone with houseparty app open


Great for group activities and perfect for activities that require screen sharing. You can also change your background to either hide the mess in your room or pretend you’re both somewhere much more exotic. It’s better to download the app on your desktop or phone, but you can also call via browser too.

No matter your situation and how far apart you are, these long distance date ideas will bring some sparkle into your time together. It’s all too easy to get stuck in routine and repetition, but I promise by thinking of some new things to do in a long distance relationship you’ll be keeping the positive energy alive!


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