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Me at 23 – Reflections On The Year

woman walks along sandy new zealand beach on storm day

I turn 24 this week, and I thought I’d mark the occasion by remembering all the things that made my 23rd year on this beautiful Earth memorable.

NZ comes to Europe

Not long after turning 23 I was blessed to have a visit from my favourite Kiwi, and we got up to all sorts of adventures including exploring some of my top spots in the UK as well as squeezing in a weekend trip to Madrid.


Plaza Mayor, Madrid


Revisiting Christchurch

I started off 2017 in a similar way to how I started the year before – heading to Middle Earth. A few short weeks in Christchurch led to weekend antics in between working from home during the week.


City tour by tram in Christchurch


Moving house

Back into the reality of life at home came with a challenge of packing up belongings and moving to the other side of town. As anyone who has moved will know, it’s a horribly stressful thing to do and not just an overnight fix. I’m grateful to all the love and support from those that I care about to make it a little easier.

Red Roses in a white vase

Roses made our new house a home


Seeing my big brother become a Doctor

The summer saw lots to celebrate, as I finally saw my talented brother gain his PhD in music composition on a beautifully sunny day in York. An achievement felt by everyone who knows him, he is one of the most inspiring and influential people in my life and I’m so proud to see his extraordinary accomplishment completed at last.

Brother and sister smile in front of a lake on graduation day

Graduation day


Finding my feet with my job

Having started just before turning 23, it took me a little while to grow confidence in the skills and knowledge I’d acquired. Taking on more challenges helped me to believe that maybe I wasn’t doing so badly after all. While I’m constantly still learning, I feel a little more secure in myself thanks to taking the time to listen to my instinct, forming my own views, and not always being such a sheep in trusting the opinion of others.

Old building in the centre of Soho Square on a sunny day

Soho Square opposite the office


Taking a solo weekend trip

It dawned on me that although I spent months travelling on my own, I’d never taken a short trip by myself outside of the UK. That changed when I booked spontaneous flights to Prague – and it was just what the doctor ordered to get away from busy London life for bit, explore somewhere new, take long walks, and satisfy a little wanderlust (for now…).

View from the top of the Old City Bridge Tower overlooking Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

View across Charles Bridge looking onto Prague Castle


A tiny snapshot of what’s gone on in the past year. Maybe next year I’ll see what’s changed again!


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