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My Favourite Things To Do in Lindos

View overlooking lindos acropolis village and ocean bays on sunny day

Heading to the island of Rhodes, Greece and want to visit the coastal village of Lindos? Firstly, you’ve made a great decision – it’s a great destination! Secondly, I bet you’re wondering what to do in Lindos during your trip. Here’s how to spend a few days in this beautiful village enjoying all my favourite things that Lindos has to offer.

When visiting the island of Rhodes in Greece, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking to explore more of the island than the main old town. Lindos makes for the perfect spot just a 2 hour ferry from Rhodes Old Town to the village down the coastline. You’ll have a chance to relax, unwind, enjoy some beach time, and see historical landmarks.

When planning our visit to Rhodes we wanted to give ourselves a chance to unwind away from the busier main city. After a day exploring Rhodes Old Town we thought it was time to see more of the phenomenally beautiful island by heading down the east coast to Lindos. We chose this spot thanks to it’s historic value, gorgeous beaches, and quaint village atmosphere. So basically everything you’d want from a Greek island getaway!

Woman sits on balcony overlooking Lindos village and acropolis at sunset

Acropolis of Lindos

Your first view of Lindos as you arrive is going to be of the Acropolis of Lindos. Standing tall on the hillside, it looms over the village and port making it almost impossible to ignore.

It’ll likely be your main activity when visiting this part of Rhodes, and as one of the key features of the village it’s an essential thing to do in Lindos. Entry costs €12 for adults, and it is worth every penny if only for the expansive views over the bay and village.

woman smiles at camera with coastal views and ocean behind

First built in the 6th Century BC, you’ll have to walk for around 10-15 minutes up a steepish path to reach the acropolis atop the cliff. Take care walking on the path as the stones can become slippery at times, and there is no railing to support you. Once you’ve arrived, however, the walk around the site is flat enough you’ll soon catch your breath back. Plus those views are truly so wonderful you’ll forget all about the walk!

Upon entry to the Acropolis of Lindos, you can choose to pause here and enjoy sweeping views over the Beach of Lindos, or head straight into the ruins. Walking up a steep flight of exposed stairs, you’ll then enter the first courtyard of the archeological site acropolis.

ruins of Acropolis of Lindos with ocean views behind

Although there are no clear directions to guide you through the Acropolis, it’s a generally circular visit through the various areas. I won’t bang on about the varied historical elements to the Acropolis, but instead give a quick overview of the buildings and features you can see.

columns of propylaea inside Lindos Acropolis

Features of the Acropolis of Lindos

  • Temple of Athena Lindia froma round 300BC
  • A propylaea (monumental gateway) of the sanctuary from the same century
  • A stone carving of a Rhodian warship from around 180BC
  • Remains of a Roman temple
  • Castle of the Knights of St John from before the 14th Century AD built on the foundations of Byzantine fortifications
  • The Hellenistic stoa, staircase, & wall from the 2nd Century BC

woman stands next to columns on top of lindos acropolis

As you can tell, the site has been the location of fortifications for a number of empires and eras. The mongrel mix of styles, uses, and features from Greeks, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman influence makes the Acropolis of Lindos truly unique.

The most breathtaking aspects to highlight are the Temple of Athena, the stoas, andthe propylaea staircase. Of course, the views speak for themselves.

Walls and columns inside Lindos Acropolis

Notes For Visiting The Acropolis of Lindos

  1. There are locals offering donkey rides to take you part-way up the hill at the bottom of the acropolis. Do not accept these, as it’s urged by animal rights groups that the animals are mistreated. You won’t save much time, but will be contributing to an abusive and unethical practice.
  2. There are several exposed drops at cliff edges so be careful of your step, take care with young children, and do not get too close.
  3. Some areas are marked off from visitors, so obey these signs. There are plenty of places you can freely roam and explore to enjoy the acropolis.
  4. Limited information on the various features and buildings mean it’s recommended to carry a guide or access the internet during your visit so you know what you’re looking at.

donkys stand in street in Lindos

Beach of Lindos

Lindos is famed for its clear waters and clean beaches, of which the idyllic and aptly named Beach of Lindos is one! With several cafes and hotels right on the beach front as well as plenty of parasols and loungers, you can fill your time splashing in the cool waves and drying off under the sun’s rays.

This beach is the most popular beach in Lindos, so you can expect it to be busier around peak time. Additionally, it’s a great place to take children so there is often lots of activity and chatter during school holidays.

Beach of Lindos bay from above in daylight

St Paul’s Bay

If you like to mix up your beach visits, then head over to St Paul’s Bay to discover a gorgeous oasis of rocky coastline behind the acropolis. What’s great about St Paul’s Bay is that it’s a much smaller and enclosed beach to enjoy. It’s not the main beach of Lindos which makes it feel like an extra special treat, and it isn’t as busy either.

beach and coastal rocks at st pauls bay lindos

Like the Beach of Lindos, there are some sun loungers and parasols available. This is especially helpful considering how small the public beach is and how rocky the area is. There are a couple of restaurants along the edge of the bay, and a small jetty where excursions take you out to the ocean if you wish. The peaceful atmosphere and gorgeous beach of St Paul’s Bay make it a really wonderful place to visit during your trip to Lindos.

The significance of this picturesque bay is that it is claimed to be the site of St Paul’s landing into Rhodes to preach Christianity in the 1st Century AD. Whether this is true or not, it gives the St Paul’s Chapel an extra reason to visit. Do be mindful of your behaviours around the church, however. There have been instances of damaging and negative behaviour from tourists (looking at you, newlyweds) in recent years. Unfortunately, this has led to the chapel taking strict rules about no longer allowing weddings at the church. Despite this, visitors are still welcome to enjoy the bay’s beauty and views of the acropolis.

View over st pauls bay lindos from Acropolis

Sample The Local Food

How can you visit a Greek island and not eat your bodyweight in yummy Greek cuisine? One of my favourite things to do in Lindos was to visit the various restaurants and food kiosks dotted throughout the village’s maze of streets.

At breakfast, drop by one of the various crepe kiosks for a hearty sweet or savoury brekkie. These sizeable portions will certainly set you up for a day of exploring, sun bathing, or sightseeing!

Greek food on plate with bottle of beer

For lunch and dinner, you merely have to walk through the heart of the village and you’ll have plenty of offers from eager restauranteurs enticing you in. It’s important to stand your ground at this point, if you’re easily persuaded a glance at the menu outside will quickly lead to you taking a seat inside. Be firm in your decision that you’re just browsing! Having said that, you really can’t go too far wrong with any restaurant – all the food is scrumptious.

A couple of recommendations are:

  • Dionysos – One of our favourite meals in Lindos, we couldn’t get enough! We luckily arrived at an earlier time to beat the dinner rush, and if it’s a warm evening they have a roof terrace to enjoy the views.
  • Stefany’s Taverna – A beautiful restaurant with dramatic rooftop views over the village and acropolis. A pretty romantic dinner setting with delicious food!

wall and sign outside restaurant in Lindos Greece

And if you’re still not full yet, there are some delicious ice creameries to send you off to bed feeling especially satisfied. There’s absolutely no doubt, you’ll return from Lindos having eaten well and enjoyed a whole variety of treats.

Explore the Market

A trip to Lindos isn’t complete without getting a wee bit lost in the tunnels of cobbled streets.

pink flowers covering wall on lindos street

If you’re looking to find a souvenir from your visit to Rhodes, then this will surely be the best way to find one. There are tourist shops and local shops alike. You can find the best tacky fridge magnet to add to the collection, or you can find a handmade piece of pottery made in a traditional method.

The market streets are mostly covered and so you’ll be well-shaded from the strong sun. This makes it the perfect way to spend the hottest hours of the day, and a chance to keep cool!

It’s fair to say that with so many fun trinkets and treasures to discover this has to be one of the best things to do in Lindos.

market stalls under covered roof in Lindos

The Tomb of Kleoboulos

A little bit off the beaten path and a deviation from a relaxing beach trip, walking the coastline to the Tomb of Kleoboulos is quite possibly my favourite thing to do in Lindos.

You may hear of a tomb in Lindos that you can walk right up to. And, well, that would be correct! On the cliff edge opposite the acropolis is a small stone tomb. While the tomb itself is unassuming, the walk offers a beautifully different vantage point to see Lindos, and the coastline views from the tomb are remarkable.

View of lindos acropolis standing on cliff edge in sunlight

The tomb’s historical relevance is quite the mystery. There is debate about it really being the resting place of the poet and one of the Seven Sages of Greece. What we do know is that Kleoboulos (or Cleobulus) was a 6th Century BC native of Lindos, and so it seems fitting that this ancient tumulus honours him.

Finding the walk to the Tomb of Kleoboulos is a challenge in itself. With no signage along the way, you’ll want to make a note of a couple of key markers on the route as you can’t rely on GPS to guide you. Here is a guide to help you get onto the track to the Tomb of Kleoboulos, and for a few key sights along the way!

Enjoy the beautiful scenery

How could I make list of my favourite things to do in Lindos without including the breathtaking landscapes? The scenery is without question, staggeringly gorgeous. For the best views of the acropolis and village, head to the main road, where the bus station is. From there you’ll be able to see St Paul’s Bay, the Beach of Lindos, the Acropolis of Lindos, and the whole village. Head there for sunrise and you’ll be in for a romantic, serene treat.

View overlooking lindos acropolis village and ocean bays on sunny day

Another great vantage point is from the Acropolis of Lindos. From the very top of the hill’s summit you can see all the way across the coastline and jagged cliffs across the ocean. Views directly into St Paul’s Bay and the main beach are also well-worth a moment to soak in those deep blues. From the Tomb of Kleoboulos you’ll get a slightly different angle of the acropolis and village. It’s certainly a view that’s worth the walk!

And of course, meandering through the streets of Lindos often offer beautiful moments themselves. I’d recommend finding accommodation higher up in the village. Although harder to reach initially, it’s worth the efforts as your views over the village, historical ruins, and bays are simply magnificent. You can enjoy a pastel sunrise with your morning coffee and the vivid colours of the midday sun as they bounce off the white buildings. At the end of the day, you’ll be treated to the acropolis becoming illuminated after the sun has finally set and moon begins to rise.

blue sunset sky and moon behind lindos village and acropolis on hill

Can it get much better than this?

If this little list of my favourite things to do in Lindos haven’t convinced you to head here when you visit Rhodes, I don’t know what will!

Have you taken a trip to Lindos? What were your top things to do there?


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