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1 Day In Zadar Itinerary

view over zadar harbour and city with title text overlay

Escape the maddening crowds of larger cities along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast and pay a visit to Zadar, the country’s oldest continually-inhabited city! With just 1 day in Zadar you can explore Roman ruins, bustling markets, immersive art installations, and more. Come along and see why we fell in love with Zadar.

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The Best Beaches In Esperance

turquoise ocean at white sand beach

Esperance. A small town in southern Western Australia that is famed for, among other things, its beautiful beaches. With so many beaches in a small area, how do you choose which is your favourite? I visited them all so you don’t have to (although I really recommend you do). Here are the best beaches in Esperance.

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Guide To Seeing The Lucky Bay Kangaroos

lucky bay kangaroo on beach with title text overlay

You may have heard of a place in southern Western Australia where kangaroos live on the beach. A magical place, you can’t really believe it exists. Is this the most Australian idea ever? I’m here to tell you, the Lucky Bay kangaroos are REAL and they are as amazing as it sounds. This guide to seeing the Lucky Bay kangaroos will provide all you need to know to enjoy your visit. Continue Reading