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Recipe For The Perfect Trip

Kitchen utensils and chopping board with passport

Cooking up an itinerary for your next holiday? Keep a check of all the steps you need to tick off with a recipe for the perfect trip!

Every recipe begins with the ingredients. The beauty of this recipe is its flexibility to choose many of the toppings! Want all the bell and whistles on your holiday? Go right ahead. Fancy more of a highlights reel? That’s totally fine! Or maybe you want flexibility to adjust along the way? This process is ideal for that too.

Ingredients for the perfect trip:

  • 1 destination
  • 1 item of luggage
  • 1-3 itinerary variations (can be pre-made or from scratch)
  • Savings to taste
  • 3 tbsp of excitement
  • 5 heaped spoonfuls of planning
  • Dash of nerves
  • Sprinkling of anticipation

Optional ingredients:

  • Travel companions
  • Additional luggage
  • Multiple destinations

Travel Time: as long as it takes to enjoy the benefits of travel! 

Kitchen utensils and chopping board with passport

Step by Step Guide:

By following these steps you’ll enjoy the end result of a deliciously exciting trip. Note that these steps can be adapted and applied to suit all holiday types!

  1. Using a trusted travel agent (STA Travel is a popular choice), Google, blogs, or throwing a dart at a map, select your travel destination. 
  2. Plan how you want your travels to look by conducting research on your chosen destination. No trip is an ugly trip, let your creativity shine! It’s here you should consider the inclusion of a travel companion or not.
  3. Add savings to taste ranging from budget to luxury. Keep in mind the nature of your destination and its likelihood to incur higher or lower costs.
  4. Layout your itinerary variations and compare them to select the ripest (preferred) one. Next, keep the others for backup in case your first attempt goes tits up. Travel isn’t always smooth sailing so we must prepare for when things go wrong!
  5. Get booking. Baker’s choice to add all activities and accommodation at once or throughout the travel-cooking process. This might also depend on your savings taste…
  6. Preheat your luggage by dusting off the suitcase/backpack and checking for any damage or problems.
  7. Prepare your clothing items by washing and folding before placing them in your luggage.
  8. Partway through packing items into luggage, stir clothing until it’s satisfactorily reorganised and repack. Repeat.  Remove any excess items.
  9. Add toiletries, electrical items, entertainment, and any other belongings to flavour your luggage.
  10. Allow cooking time to simmer anticipation and stir in pinches of excitement occasionally to settle nerves.
  11. On your selected travel date, your travel treat should be golden brown and ready to enjoy!
  12. Finally, have the most magnificent trip cooked with love and passion. Remember to consume your travels safely, and with the utmost respect for the destination.

These steps can be repeated for each destination of a magnificent travel feast, either in quick succession or spread out over time. The choice really is entirely yours to create a menu of delectable trips just how you like them.

Like cakes, travel planning comes in all shapes and sizes.

We all have our own ways of organising holidays, getting inspired, and packing our bags! I thought it might be fun to reimagine my own approach as if I were cooking up a treat in the kitchen, rather than staring endlessly at a screen! If you were writing our your travel planning approach as a recipe, what would it look like? Would your ingredients be different to mine?

This silly post was a lighthearted way to write out a quick summary of how I plan trips, I hope you enjoyed a different take on the travel planning process. Plus now I want to bake a cake.

How do you go about planning your travels?

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    12/05/2019 at 7:21 am

    Lol this post was great I love the images with the utensils and the passport. Thanks for sharing your secret recipes.

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      12/06/2019 at 5:14 am

      haha thank you! Yes I thought “how the heck am I going to show travel and cooking in a photo?” – glad you liked it!

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