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How To Prepare For A Trip To Rhodes

woman writes in guidebook planning a trip to rhodes

Preparing to visit a new country can be a chance to learn, anticipate, and understand what’s to be expected before your trip. It’s a time to get excited for the upcoming adventures that await, and swot up on all the habits and practices of the locals you’ll soon be mixing with. Getting familiarised with a new destination just got easier thanks to the folk at CultureSmart! whose guidebooks will take you through the historical, cultural, social, and local insights you need to know. I used their helpful guide to prepare for a trip to Rhodes and share with you here a few tips for how you can get to know a little more about the country before you arrive.

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Driving Cape to Cape From Perth to South West Australia – Western Australia Road Trip

Title text overlay image of blue ocean and golden in sands in Yallingup Australia

Road trips from Perth are an adventure along beautiful coastline providing views of stunning beaches and remote open spaces. Within a few short hours (short by Australian standards!) you’ll be far away from the metropolitan lifestyle and transported to blue ocean views and wineries galore. Here is our 2 day South West Australia road trip from Perth as we go Cape to Cape!  Continue Reading