Is Unlimited Annual Leave Too Good To Be True?

Have you ever heard of unlimited annual leave? Sound too good to be true? Here are the benefits and disadvantages to this growing approach to time off, and how you can make positive changes to feel confident in taking a holiday.

What Is Vacation Shaming And Where To Spot It

Has anyone ever questioned your decision to travel? Or remarked that you take too much time off? Here’s all you need to know about vacation shaming, and where to spot it.

5 Great Cities To Visit In New Zealand That Aren’t Auckland

New Zealand may not be known for famous cities, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth visiting. Here are 5 great cities you should include in your travel list that aren’t New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland.

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One Night Visit To Hanmer Springs – New Zealand

A relaxing weekend away spent soaking it all up at the beautiful alpine town of Hanmer Springs.

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