Me At 24 – Reflections On The Year


Last year I wrote a summary of the last year of my life in a little rhyming Me At 23 post. As yesterday was my birthday, I thought it only apt that I continue this now-tradition and see what has been learned, gained, lost, and loved in the last orbit around the sun. Here are 12 (my birth date!) rather self-indulgent things that have occurred since last year.  Continue reading “Me At 24 – Reflections On The Year”

Liebster Award | Versatile Blogger Award | Sunshine Blogger Award Nominations

Blogger Award Nominations - Leibster, Sunshine Blogger, Versatile Blogger Awards

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be nominated for not one, not two, but three blogger awards! Learn more about me, Suzy from Suzy Stories, with a few Q&A facts shared by some great bloggers who’ve nominated me, and check out the awesome blogs who I’m nominating for these awards.  Continue reading “Liebster Award | Versatile Blogger Award | Sunshine Blogger Award Nominations”

Catch Flights Not Feelings – Why Not Both?

Image of couple embracing behind blog post title text

I’ve seen articles, posters, and all types of merchandise using “Catch Flights Not Feelings” as a motto to comment on the idea of motivating young people to explore the world and visit new places, instead of looking to develop an emotional connection to someone and committing to staying put in the pursuit of emotional stability from a relationship.

Sounds cool right? Rebellious almost, to defy conventional standards of searching for a partner and instead searching for an adventure. Continue reading “Catch Flights Not Feelings – Why Not Both?”