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Short Hike Guide: Walk To The Tomb of Kleoboulos In Lindos

lanscape view of tomb of kleoboulos walk with windmill and mound

Stuck for things to do during your trip to Lindos? Take a walk to the Tomb of Kleoboulos to enjoy sweeping coastal views alongside historical monuments on this easy 2 hour walk.

For most people visiting the wonderful village of Lindos on the coast of Rhodes in Greece, the acropolis is the number one spot. Of course the Acropolis is an epic, historically rich attraction, but why stop there? Continue exploring the history of Lindos by taking on this coastal track offering views over the village and acropolis.

Here’s all you need to know about the hike to the Tomb of Kleoboulos in Lindos!

lanscape view of tomb of kleoboulos walk with windmill and mound

History of the Tomb of Kleoboulos

If you’re unfamiliar with Kleoboulos (or Cleobulus), he was a 6th Century BC Greek poet and one of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece. And, as a Lindos native that made him quite the celebrity! A statue in his honour sits atop the village, overlooking the bay. And while a statue is a wonderful tribute to a famed historical figure, it’s quickly trumped by a tomb in their name.

The tomb of Kleoboulos itself is debated to be his actual resting place. Instead, it’s assumed to be the tomb of a wealthy family from the village in the 1st or 2nd Century BC. With some faint wall paintings and inscriptions, it’s in fact considered to have been a Christian church at some later time. So, while there may have once been a memorial to Kleoboulos on this site, there’s no actual proof of that fact.

outside tomb of kleoboulos on sunny day

Guide to walking to the Tomb of Kleoboulos

We found it a bit tricky to know where to start on this walk to the Tomb of Kleoboulos, so here are my instructions to help you make your way to this historical site and viewing spot.

coastal walk bay with rocky cliff

Getting to the track

  1. From Lindos village head to the beach car parks, staying on the main road and heading directly west. Don’t go towards the beach, you’ll want to stay on higher land along the coast.
  2. After a couple of minutes walking, look out for Oasis Restaurant. There is a car park next to it where you’ll walk through.
  3. Continue down this road.  You’ll find “Kleouboulos Tomb and Hellenistic Funerary Monument” sign-posted on a brown sign at the corner as the road bends sharply to the right.
  4. Following the sign, turn right at the corner but keeping left towards a car park. Do not go downhill towards the beach.
  5. Continue to follow the brown sign taking the gravel path to the left of a sandy pebbled car park. The car park was once an olive grove, so if you see some trees in the car park, you’re on the right route.
  6. Alternatively, you can park for free in the car park, or enter it to join the path through a gap in the stone wall to your left.

man walks up pathway alongside a wall to reach tomb of Kleoboulos lindos

footpath on walk to tomb of kleoboulos

The walk to the Tomb of Kleoboulos

  1. Follow the path and keep the wall, coastline, and acropolis to your right.
  2. You’ll pass an enclosed ruin of a building to your right. This was probably connected to the olive grove that once stood here*.*EDIT:The building was actually once a restaurant frequented by famous musicians! Thanks to Bryan for his knowledge in a comment below!old house ruin in olive field with clouds behind
  3. Just ahead of the ruin is a funerary monument. The monument pillar for Lindos-born politician Ioannis Zigdis is a good early marker on the track. funerary monument lindos
  4. Follow the coastline, sticking to the trodden track as much as possible.
  5. From this early section, you’ll be able to spot the Tomb of Kleoboulos in the distance. It’s generally a straight line so keep the tomb in your vision. view of rocky coastal walk lindos with cloudy sky
  6. You’ll pass a lonely tree on the cliffside, the only chance for shade on your walk! lonely tree in rocky grass field on sunny day
  7. The path begins to move away from the cliff edge and heads slightly inland.
  8. Around 2/3 through, you’ll pass through a stone wall, and keep the wall to your right. There are probably a few goats nearby at this section. gap in wall showing distant mound and tomb of kleoboulos
  9. At 3/4 of the way through you’ll pass the old abandoned windmill and stone circle wall. Poke your head inside but do not climb the stairs. man stands next to old windmill ruins in lindos inside windmill ruins on walk to tomb of kleoboulos
  10. At the base of the mound at the site of the tomb, the terrain will become much rockier.
  11. You’ll need to carefully climb the large rocks to reach the summit of the tomb’s mound. man walks up rocky incline in lindos
  12. You’ve made it! The stone tomb has an open front entrance, but there is only a small space inside.
  13. Soak in the views – you deserve it.

entrance to tomb of kleoboulos

inside tome of kleoboulos lindos

The return walk is back along the same track, so all markers will be the same.

view of tomb of kleoboulos walk along lindos coast

Things To know About hiking to the Tomb of Kleouboulos

Don’t be fooled by the maps, while it may look like a long way and somewhere completely off piste, the path is relatively easy to navigate, although you might stray off it occasionally but stay in a generally straight line! It’s also not as far as you might think. For 3km each way it took us around 2 hours for a return walk to the Tomb of Kleoboulos.

coastline view with blue waters in bay

You may find the track hard to follow on occasion, but ensure you’re well enough away from the cliff edge while not straying too far inland and you’ll be on the right direction. Use your general knowledge to check you’re heading in the right direction. Keep the coastline and Lindos village on your righthand-side.

lindos coastline with acropolis in background

Tips for walking to the Tomb of Kleoboulous

  • Bring lots of water and suncream – there is almost no shade besides one tree halfway through!
  • Bring a GPS just to ensure you’re on the right path.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as the track is rocky and uneven.
  • Wear long trousers if possible, as the bush can be scratchy at times.
  • Prepare for strong winds near the tomb and by the coastline.
  • If going alone, tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to return.
  • Although the path is quiet, it is narrow so passing oncoming hikers requires stopping where possible.
  • Enjoy the views! You won’t find better views of the entire landscape anywhere else in Lindos.

man posts in front of lindos acropolis and village landscape

That covers all you’ll need to know to walk to the Tomb of Kleoboulos, now to add it to your Lindos itinerary! Would you be keen to walk to a tomb? Trust me, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds!


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