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Winter Garden At The Landmark London

Title text overlay of the Winter Garden at the Landmark London glass roof and palm trees

To celebrate a few recent family events we decided to splash out and enjoy dinner at The Landmark Hotel in Marylebone, where the Winter Garden restaurant invites class, fine dining, and a haven of peace within busy central London. The perfect way to feel fancy (for once!), we relished the chance to enjoy such a treat.

The exterior of the hotel is regally imposing, and as the first building you see once you exit Marylebone station it’s hard to miss. The traditional brickwork and dapper doorman are immediately inviting without feeling imperious, yet no grander an entrance can be made than one as you glide through the cavernous foyer of such a refined hotel.


Exterior at the Landmark London

We chose to make the most of a special early evening set menu offer, meaning that as we took our seats we were already being presented with a delicious glass of Champagne to work up our appetites. With the peaceful slot to be seated by 7pm we were excited to be soaking up the fine decor and glorious glass roof over the atrium of the restaurant. With soft music played by a live pianist we were ready to indulge!


Winter Garden Atrium

I am often a sucker for being extremely predictable in my choices from a menu, however for my starter I decided to try something new. The cauliflower soup that arrived went down a treat, with a healthy sized shard of crispy parmesan in the bowl, the waitstaff proceeded to pour the silky smooth soup over the top, allowing for the cheese to begin melting. Cauliflower is not always the most appealing sounding of vegetables, however the creamy texture and cheesy flavours made it so delectably delightful. I could have eaten another bowl!

With faultless service from staff, we were soon tucking into our mains. I chose the chicken and chickpea dish with a sticky balsamic tomato and chorizo sauce. It was of course wonderfully delicious, and the tender chicken was cooked to perfection. With the end of our delightful meal nearing its final curtain, we took one last look at the menu to make every foodie’s hardest decision: dessert. With choices from fresh and fruity to rich and chocolatey, I settled somewhere in between with a banana cake topped with crunchy butterscotch and sweet caramel ice cream. For anyone who knows me, I have a special soft spot for banana cake, and this was truly one to remember!


Dinner with a view

Overall, both my starter and dessert were the highlights of a beautiful dinner, in the most elegant of settings. With the evening still young, we had the chance to explore a little of the balcony overlooking the atrium, and of course marvelled at the sheer size of those palm trees! I’d absolutely recommend the set menu deal for anyone looking to celebrate, luxuriate, or simply try something new at a reasonable cost (deals can be found online) of £39 for the three courses and of course, no fine dining experience is complete without the inclusive glass of champagne!


Balcony overlook the Winter Garden restaurant


Share a story of an amazing meal you’ve tried, was it everything you’d hoped for?

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