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9 Long Distance Relationship Quiz & Game Ideas To Strengthen Your Partnership

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We are probably all up to our eyeballs in quizzes these days, but hear me out. How often do we personalise our questions and activities around our relationships? Not enough, is my answer. These quiz ideas for long distance couples is designed to be a bit of fun while allowing your relationship to be strengthened, maybe even grow and thrive. And what better way to do that than to thoroughly embarrass ourselves and answer questions about each other?!

Regular readers will already know my situation of being in a long distance relationship with my partner, Kaz. I’ll be honest, the realities of long distance can be really tough at times! Especially when we’ve spent time living together, and have found ourselves separated once more.

Throughout the countless video calls and virtual date nights we’ve ended up chatting about all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Sometimes to just distract ourselves from the stresses and sadness of separation we play the odd game or long distance quiz. We’ve both got a silly sense of humour, and we love strengthening our connection with a good ol’ giggle.

Try incorporating a handful of these 9 quiz ideas into your long distance date night to reinforce your affection for one another.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

While you’re apart now is a great time to reminisce on all the wonderful moment you’ve shared together already. You’ll soon be together again, and have even more memories to make!

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1. How did you meet

Set a timer for 30 seconds to write down a sentence or two on how you met, but the twist is you have to write it in different styles:

  • As a horror/thriller story
  • In only 5 words
  • As a comedy synopsis
  • …Any other genres you can think of

The more out of context the better and chuckle at the results!

2. Top 3 favourite memories together

Note down 3 high and 3 low memory moments together. Don’t worry about making these too serious, it should be fun!

For example, I might write down the low point as being a catastrophic day of delayed travels and bad weather when we visited Stonehenge… It was terrible but somehow a memory I’m glad we share.

3. Act out a memorable moment

Time to get physical! Use your Charades skills to act out a memorable moment that you’ve shared and see if your partner can guess what it is.

A similar game might be describing the event without giving away too much. Think Heads Up and Articulate-style games where you have to describe an important object or place without referring to the word itself.

I love this game because it makes you think outside the box. This style of long distance relationship quiz is the perfect way to get creative and work as a team to improve your communication skills.

Inside Jokes

These long distance quiz ideas are games that will get you giggling as well as becoming more in sync. It’s a great way to get creative on your long distance date nights to enhance your video chats and learn more about each other!

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4. Matching quotes & phrases

Write down all the best quotes or sayings that only each of you would get within a set time limit, and see how many you match with each other.

It’s pretty common for couples to develop little idioms and phrases unique to your partnership. Although they come and go, you might find this is a good chance to note them all down and remember all the silly moments that started them!

5. Word association

Start with a word that connects you both, and take it in turns to associate a new word to the preceding one. Set a timer for 30 seconds or a minute and see what word you end up on!

This game is an especially good way to better understand how your long distance partner thinks, and what topics they connect to you. A long distance relationship game can be both fun and informative!

Look To The Future

This section of long distance relationship quiz ideas take a slower, conversational approach. This is a good way to switch off from the stress of separation. I find so often we talk endlessly about admin and plans for the future, but never take a moment to think of the fun things that might encompass.

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6. Dream destinations

If the world was completely your oyster and you could go anywhere, no financial or time off worries, where would you go?

Discuss your dream destinations, no matter how wacky. I’d love to visit Antarctica (Bella’s posts on Passport & Pixels look like a dream!) but I know it’s not realistic anytime soon!

For a more short-term focus, think of the first place you want to visit when you’re back together. Where would you go? Are you dreaming of a romantic beach getaway together, or perhaps an adventurous wilderness experience?

7. Business partners

This one that Kaz and I enjoy doing all the time… If you had to set up a business together what would it be and why?

So far, we own imaginary pizzerias, cafes, holiday rentals (based on our extensive time living in Airbnb’s), and animal sanctuary. None of them may ever come to fruition, but it’s fun while we’re apart to dream up alternate timelines where our lives took us on a different direction.

Picture Round

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Take this opportunity to feel that tug of joy from photos capturing happy memories. It’s also a fun way to look back and see how much has changed since days of yore!

man poses next to rock that looks like a buttock

8. Recreate favourite photos

Using a bit of imagination, your creativity, and some crafty skills try to recreate a special photo using only the items in your home. Whoever gets closest to the original wins!

Some scenes may be easier to recreate than others. A photo from the beach might be a bit tough in an inner city bedroom – but give it a go and have fun with it.

 9. Guess when

Flick through your old photos (baby pics, teenage years, whatever!) and let your partner guess the year. Do they think that embarrassing haircut was longer ago than it really was? Time to find out!

I love this long distance game, because it’s a chance to show each other parts of your life pre-relationship. Flicking through childhood photos together invokes such a strong sense of nostalgia. You’ll soon be telling the story of your 6th birthday party, or the time your friend got stuck on a slide at school. These are the parts of your life your partner might not know about, this is a great opportunity to share them!

I hope these long distance relationship quiz ideas for your next date night come in handy! They’re just a fun way to spend time together virtually as well as a chance to grow your relationship by strengthening your partnership.

Have you got any fun long distance quiz suggestions? I’d love to hear them and give them a go!


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